Friday, September 12, 2008

How To Get Engine Grease Out of Clothes

How To Get Engine Grease Out of Clothes

I love working on cars and trucks. But with some projects you'll find me covered in engine grease and grime and it inevitably ends up staining my clothes. You can use a commercial laundry detergent to try to remove the stain, but most of the times you'll pull the piece of clothing out of the dryer and find that the stain still remains. Well, those clothes usually end up becoming my work clothes, if they weren't already. That is, until I started using a product I just recently found at our local auto parts store. Greased Lightning. The stuff is like a wonder cleaner. There are actually three different formulations that I've found locally. One is in a purple bottle. One is in a white bottle. And the third is in a clear bottle. The stuff in the purple bottle works like magic. You should be able to find it at Auto Zone if you have one nearby. The stuff in the white bottle is good for using on clothes to remove stains and general household cleaning. I found it at Dollar General in the cleaning supplies. The orange stuff in the clear bottle, well I haven't found a good use for it yet. It does smell good though. Maybe it would make a good air freshener? The company that makes it also offers coupons for their products. To get engine grease out of your clothes, simple spray the cleaner on and rinse off. Now back to the Greased Lightning in the purple bottle. Again, this is my favorite. I've used it to detail the engine bay. It melts brake dust buildup off of wheels like ice cream on sizzlin' blacktop in July. So if you have a stubborn greasy stain (like engine grease) that you want to get out of a piece of clothing then go see if you can find some of this stuff because it really does work great!



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