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How To Hide Blemishes - Secret

How To Hide Blemishes - Secret

You can honestly learn how to hide blemishes once and for all...but it's a secret and you have to promise not to tell another soul. Promise? OK. As a kid, I grew up with acne. Not bad acne, mind you. I probably made my acne worse by worrying over it so much. Washing my face over and over again. Trying every new acne treatment that came out. Benzoyl Peroxide - Retin-A The list of tried treatments goes on and on. In the end, my main concern was to conceal my blemishes when I went out in public. Then one day, as a kid starving for information, I was reading a magazine. I won't name the magazine for fear that my mother ever reads my blog, but I found the secret for hiding blemishes and I've been using it ever since. What is the big secret, you ask? Remember, you promised you wouldn't tell... Visine.

How does Visine hide blemishes? Simply apply a drop to your index finger, then apply that drop to your blemish. Let it evaporate on your skin. When it's gone, so too should be your blemish. Sometimes it takes another application over the first to really hide your blemish, but it does work. I can't count how many times over the years that this blemish treatment has saved the day. Who ever thought Visine would be a life-saver? Just remember, we have to keep this secret to hiding blemishes to ourselves. OK?


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Yes. Regular old Visine. Sounds like a trick, but it works. Usually helps to wash your hands first and dry them good to remove oil and moisture. Then apply a drop to your fingertip and apply it to the blemish. Just let it dry and the redness will gradually disappear, just like it does with your eyes.


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