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How To Save Money on Medicine | Discount Medicine

How To Save Money on Medicine | Discount Medicine

Are you wanting to know how to save money on medicine prices? Whether it be prescription medicines or OTC drugs, there are several ways to fight rising medicine costs. And the money saving tips below should help you lower the expense of your medicine purchases.

Save Money on Medicine

Choosing Pharmacies

Let's face it, more and more pharmacies are competing heavily for your prescription filling needs. Most pharmacies now offer super-low prices on many common prescriptions and if you're not taking advantage of the savings, you could be losing an abundant amount of money. Wal-Mart pharmacy has their $4.00 Prescription Program and many other pharmacies have now followed suit. There's no reason to be paying full price on common generic prescriptions covered under these prescription plans when you can get a 30 day supply for just $4.00. Or for even more savings, talk to your doctor and ask them to write a prescription for a 90 day supply and you'll only end up paying $10 for prescriptions covered under these money saving plans.

Check Prescription Drug Costs

When your doctor prescribes a new prescription drug, be sure to ask what the average price is for that medication. There's no feeling quite like going to purchase a new prescription and learning that you just can't afford the costly drug. If there's a problem in being able to afford a certain prescription your doctor may be able to help you by prescribing a similar medicine.

Buy Discount Generic Prescription Drugs

There are certain cases in which it's just not worth the risk to switch to or buy generic prescription drugs. But for many, buying discount generic equivalent medicine can save an enormous amount of money and still provide the same effect as a brand medicine. You should speak with your doctor or pharmacist to determine whether a generic prescription would work in your particular case.

OTC Generic Drugs

Many of us have grown up using brand name OTC medicines. But when money is tight, you can be frugal and still use a medicine that will most likely suit your medical needs. Most OTC generic drugs are manufactured to have the same medicinal effect as brand name drugs. And many generic drugs use the exact same ingredients in their manufacturing process. The next time you're out at the drug store looking to heal what ails you, compare the ingredients on the back of the bottles and you'll find many with the exact same ingredients and/or mixtures. You can then choose if you want to really save money on your medicine needs or pay for brand advertising.



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