Sunday, May 3, 2009

How To Play AVI Files in Windows Media Player

How To Play AVI Files in Windows Media Player

Have you tried to play AVI files in Windows Media Player only to find out that all you get is the audio and no video. If you're not comfortable installing codecs onto your computer from unknown sources, you're not alone.

Play AVI Files | Media Player

One of the easiest ways to play those AVI video files in Media Player is to download DivX video player. You simply download the player and install it onto your computer. The website does a fine job of walking you through the easy setup procedure. It is also a free download and you don't have to install any of the additional components like Google Chrome for the program to work correctly, although I'm sure it would make Google happy if you did. Once the program is installed you just open the AVI file you want to watch in Windows Media Player and it should start playing videos immediately. How simple is that?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, that's all I wanted to know. Why can't microsoft be as simple


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