Thursday, October 30, 2008

How To Clean Resin Patio Furniture

How To Clean Resin Patio Furniture

Cleaning resin patio furniture doesn't have to be a huge chore. If your outdoor resin furniture has stains, mold or is just plain weather-beaten you can have it looking fantastic again in no time at all. While there are many products made specifically for cleaning resin outdoor furniture you can use a few simple household chemicals to get the job done frugally.

The number one secret for cleaning your outdoor resin patio furniture is bleach. Mix a 25:75 mixture of bleach and water respectively, and then add a little dish washing detergent. Using a scrub brush, simply scrub the furniture lightly with the cleaning recipe and then rinse thoroughly. If you have problems removing stubborn stains, make a paste with some baking soda and water. With a cloth or scrub brush, work the paste over the stain until it disappears. If all else fails, a bottle of Tilex will pretty much clean the worst of stains from any resin patio furniture.



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