Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How To Mix Concrete

How To Mix Concrete

I've mixed concrete for many projects around the house. For everything from sidewalks to filling post holes. Learning how to mix it really isn't all that hard. For most small projects you can get away with using bags of pre-mixed concrete from your local hardware store. But if you have a really large project like a house slab, you'll need to have concrete hauled in on a truck.

If you're using bags of pre-mix, the instructions are printed right on the bag. You simply dump the concrete into a wheelbarrow or plastic tubs sold specifically for mixing concrete. Add a little water at a time, shoveling the mix thoroughly, until you come up with a mix that is the consistency of pancake batter.

If you have a larger project, it may pay to gather the essential ingredients for concrete and mix them all together at the project site. The main components for concrete are:

  • Cement

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Water

The appropriate measurements are: 1 Part Cement - 2 Parts Sand - 3 Parts Gravel - Water to Proper Consistency

You need to mix the cement, sand and gravel thoroughly before adding any water. Start out doubling all the ingredients (2 parts cement - 4 parts sand - 6 parts gravel) until you find out what size batches are easiest for you to mix. There is some labor involved in the mixing, but you'll have a stronger back when the project is finished. Once all the dry parts are mixed, simply add water while stirring until you come up with the pancake consistency. You don't want the concrete too dry or too wet. As a precaution, wear gloves when mixing concrete to minimize skin contact.



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